Shower Plug 5L | Shower waterproofing that lasts 10 years
February 1, 2016
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Shower Plug 20L | Shower waterproofing that lasts 10 years


Ideal for tradesmen tasked with waterproofing up to 6460ft² of masonry. Shower Plug fixes and prevents leaks in showers, balconies and all masonry surfaces by penetrating into the masonry surface and forming a water-repellent barrier. Lasts 10 years.

Coverage: 5380-6460ft​²​.

Shower Plug is advanced waterproofing technology made simple to use.

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Advantages of Shower Plug

Released in 1992, Shower Plug is premium-grade penetrating sealer technology for leaking shower repair. Shower Plug provides cost and time efficiency, longevity and reliability through its chemistry.

Waterproofing 6460ft², methods compared:

Tile and membrane removal and replacement Shower Plug 5L
Process Tile removal, membrane removal, replace membrane, replace tiles. 1hr/L brush-on application, ready to use in 12 hours
Skill level required Trade DIY
Effective lifespan 5 years on average 10 years minimum (warranty)

Additional benefits:

  • Shower Plug prevents mold
  • Shower Plug makes surfaces easier to clean and reduces the amount of detergents needed
  • It does not change surface appearance or make the surface slippery
  • Effective indoors and outdoors. Shower Plug is friction, weather and UV-resistant
  • Shower Plug will seal hairline cracks/gaps. For larger cracks, patch up with grout or silicone
  • Surface will remain breathable, allowing trapped water to escape from below the tiles and dry out
  • Can be used on brand new structures as a preventative measure
  • Safer than household paint.

Australian-designed, made and owned for professional quality in shower waterproofing.

How-To: Bathroom Waterproofing

Shower Plug’s advanced chemistry not only provides long-term results, but it also does the hard work for you.

Using a natural bristle brush, apply two coats of Shower Plug, five minutes apart, and then wipe away the remaining excess five minutes after the second coat.

Job done, without removing tiles.

Application Notes for Shower Plug

Shower Plug’s formulation is high quality and therefore very safe to use. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to use protective gear and ventilation when applying the product.

Shower Plug does not change the surface texture or appearance. Remember to wipe the final coat off within five minutes. If Shower Plug is left to dry out on the surface, a white residue will remain. Remove this with turpentine.

Shower Plug will give off a solvent-type odor as it is is applied and as it cures. This odor will fade by the end of the curing process.

Shower Plug does not affect clothing.

Shower Plug is suitable for use on:

  • Grout
  • Tiles, including: ceramic, porcelain, marble, glazed or unglazed, terrazzo, slate, terracotta, and others.
  • Concrete
  • Terracotta
  • Stone
  • Bare plaster (in order to later paint over plaster treated with Shower Plug, a solvent primer undercoat is required).

Unsuitable surfaces include:

  • Plastics/polymers; polyurethane, polycarbonate, etc.
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Painted surfaces.

Shower Plug binds to all masonry and only masonry.

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