Working with CPC Products on Trade & Commercial Project

Working with CPC Products on Trade and Commercial Waterproofing Projects

Australian-Made Waterproofing Sealers for Large-Scale Applications

Since 1992, Concrete Protection Company has supplied large-scale applicators with premium waterproofing solutions in the form of Shower Plug and Resistain primarily, along with specialised varieties of these sealers. Our products have been used around Australia and internationally on projects that include US Government facilities, residential high rise applications in China, and others. We work with trade applicators in cities across Australia to assist them in achieving high efficiency and high quality waterproofing results.

A selected list of commercial applications using CPC products:

  • US Government installation, Colorado, 2018 (Shower Plug)
  • Sandstone residential complex, Sydney, 2018 (Resistain)
  • Residential complexes in Shanghai, 2012-ongoing (Shower Plug)
  • Residential complexes in Shanghai, 2012-ongoing (Slip Grip)
  • Crown Casino, Melbourne, 1998 (Shower Plug)
  • Sheraton hotels, Sydney, 2005-6 (Shower Plug)
  • Aged-care facilities, NSW, 2007-8 (Slip Grip)
  • High rise maintenance, Melbourne, 2017-18 (Shower Plug)
  • Hotel complexes, Italy, 2019 (Slip Grip)

Our products are suitable for such applications as they are:

  • Tested and appraised by leading Australian scientific and engineering institutions
  • Labor efficient; extremely simple to apply, which means training and application time is minimized
  • Formulated to benchmark standards and produce benchmark results
  • Can be supplied in a variety of containers and sizes
  • Warranted for 10 or 15 years.

As Pretreatment:

Our penetrating sealers can be used to pretreat new projects to meet requirements of builder’s warranties. This economical initial investment in CPC sealers will safeguard against costly call-backs and membrane/tile repair jobs. In order to make a cost comparison, please contact us for pricing information.

resistain 5L

Resistain 5L
(Coverage: 270-1345ft2)

As Remedial Treatment:

Shower Plug and Resistain can also be applied as remedial treatments to seal a leaking or water-damaged masonry surface. In this type of application, failed membranes will not need replacement as the surface itself is waterproofed. Resistain will also improve stain resistance if that is required.

Shower Plug 20L
(Coverage: 5380-6460ft2)

Floor Safety:

Slip Grip is a floor safety treatment that prevents slippage and as with our penetrating sealers, is Australian-made and applied with minimal demands on labour. Slip Grip has been used on multiple domestic projects in commercial applications, including at swimming pools, aged-care facilities, shopping malls and abroad in Italian hotels, commercial facilities in Shanghai, and others.

slip grip 20L

Slip Grip 20L
(Coverage: 2150ft2)

Requests and Further Information:

If you feel that your waterproofing or floor safety projects would benefit from any CPC product, please contact us by email ​[email protected], or fill the form in, below. You can arrange a phone call with our office via these contact methods.

We are able to supply special trade/bulk pricing information, safety and technical data, order sizes as well as application advice to assist you in using our products.

If labour is needed, Concrete Protection Company can provide accredited personnel to apply our products (within NSW).

Our products can be shipped internationally.

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